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Mauve eyelet lace Rosie top knot headwrap

Mauve eyelet lace Rosie top knot headwrap

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The top knot headband is an All-American classic thanks to the stylings of fictional WWII heroine Rosie the Riveter! ADOPT61FUR pup Rosie earned the nickname Rosie the Riveter because of her tough, no-nonsense, gitter done attitude, so we are naming this new addition to our collection after both Rosie’s! 

Check out coordinating bandanas, bow ties, and sailor bows! 

The Rosie comes in four sizes:

small dog: fits 8-10 inch circumference, most teacup and some toy breeds like Yorkies and chihuahuas.

medium dog: fits 10-13 inches, most small and medium dogs like frenchies, pugs, or min pins.

large dog: 12-19 inches and we’ve seen it on block headed pibbles, furry Golden’s and aussies, and gigantic Danes! Also fits children, about 5-12 years old. 

hooman: 19-22 inches— fits most adults comfortably!