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Green and gold bow tie

Green and gold bow tie

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Luck of the Irish? No, luck of the dog! This  green and gold bow tie works well after St. Patrick's day! Bright green is the sign of spring!

Support our rescue dogs with Green and gold festive polka dots bow tie! A self sticking hook and loop tab is attached to the back side of the bow tie. The hook and loop tab easily wraps around your dogs collar without having to remove the collar from your dog! This bow tie is made with a fabric stabilizer so it will stay stiff! 

Three sizes available: small ( about 4 in by 1.75 in); medium ( about 5 in by 3 in ); and large ( about 6.5 in by 3.75 in). Any size bow can fit any size dog! You can decide how big or small of a bow your dapper dog wants!

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