October sales will be benefiting Columbus Pitte Committee!


Every purchase helps us save lives.

Our mission is to help dogs in need, so each month we partner with a different rescue and donate 50% of our proceeds to rescue!

Columbus Pittie Committee is dedicated to finding homes for those blocky headed cutie pies! They are huge breed advocates and we love what they do!


2018- $7,485 total donations


January: $408- Paw Savers

February: $420.79- Family who list everything in a fire

March: 541.76- CPC

April: 594.25- Pet Promise

May: 945.23- STS

June: 871.12- COPS

July: 865.78- Paw Savers

Aug: 1,312.50- DAOUA

Sep: 1,148.45-COPS